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Emily Lott


Ed.D. Leadership and Learning in Organizations

Vanderbilt University, 2018-2021

I am seeking this degree as it will support my professional development in and out of the classroom and enhance my ability to build large-scale curriculum development models, student-focused vertical alignment, and applicable professional development for teachers. I am currently seeking opportunities to conduct depthful research within an organization for my third-year capstone project.

M.A.T. Secondary Education, English Language Arts

Columbus State University, 2011-2013

Finding their Voices through Journal Writing: Giving Written and Verbal Agency to the College Freshman

This thesis sought to discover a way to increase communication in a group of freshmen during their time in a required freshman seminar course. This study further verified the need for written and verbal expression in classes that hinge on self actualization, but the correlation of written to verbal expression was not proven.

B.A. English Language and Literature

Columbus State University, 2007-2011

University of Oxford, 2010-2011: Participated in the Year-Long Visiting Student Programme with Regent’s Park College, a permanent private hall of the University of Oxford. Tutorial system required weekly meetings with Oxford tutors and depthful analysis through writing.

Professional Experience

English Language Arts Educator

Chestatee High School, 2013-Present

Leads school-wide initiatives while maintaining a high level of rigor in the classroom setting. Works with all levels of students including Gifted Learners, Students with Disabilities, and English Language Learners. Awarded Exemplar Teacher status for multiple years on TKES review system.

The College Board, Contract Positions

2016-Present, Positions Include:

AP Research Consultant: Independently presents engaging week-long professional learning to prepare educators to teach AP Research throughout the United States. Professional learning content emphasizes the need to build pedagogical knowledge of the AP Research course and supports teachers to build and adapt curriculum that will be successful for their specific school settings.

AP Research Teacher Community Moderator: Individually supports a community of over 1,500 teachers. Facilitates conversations regarding the curriculum of the course. Promotes positive environment through conflict resolution and acts as a liaison between The College Board Senior Director and international community stakeholders.  

AP Research Reader and Table Leader: Evaluates student work according to a prescribed rubric. Promoted to leadership role due to efficiency and accuracy of evaluation and facilitates this same behavior in other readers through effectual leadership. Uses this role to provide feedback to the Chief Reader and Senior Director to further improve the AP Research class and reader experience.

Key Skills in the Workplace

Curriculum Instruction and Design: Consistently investigates and implements evidence-based pedagogy in the classroom. Uses student data driven rationales for decisions made regarding components of lesson structures. Balances rigor with relationship for every student in academic environment. Creates and implements large-scale assessments to document student growth. Mentors teachers that are interested in establishing a more diverse series of learning strategies in the classroom

Collaboration and Leadership: Fosters motivation and confidence in educators that are concerned about their own abilities to apply new strategies in the classroom. Creates engaging professional development to fit needs of administrators and faculty. Works internationally with fellow teachers to encourage growth in rigorous courses

Communication with Team Members and Stakeholders: Maintains open communication with multiple teams of teachers regarding curriculum development and student growth. Provides engaging approach to professional development of new content for educators. Notifies and follows-up with multiple stakeholder groups at one time.

Academic Organization Appointments

  • Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society: Awarded to students that maintain a competitive GPA amongst their university peers. Awarded due to 4.0 GPA in all Masters classes.
  • Sigma Tau Delta Honors Society for English Scholars: Awarded to students that are able to maintain a competitive GPA in their English Literature and Language coursework.
  • Phi Beta Delta International Scholars: Awarded to students that are able to maintain a competitive GPA while studying outside the country of their home institution.

Conference Presentations

Georgia Department of Education Advanced Placement Workshop Circuit, 2017

“Creating Curriculum to Support Student Autonomy in the AP Research Class”: Requested by GADOE to act as coordinator of all AP Capstone professional development. Presented systems updates and content regarding AP Research. Fielded questions regarding implementation of AP Capstone in the classroom

Georgia Educational Technology Conference (GAETC), 2017

Field Trips of the Future: Cross-Curricular Place-Based Learning through Virtual Reality”: Collaborated with media specialist to support teachers in their use of virtual reality.

Georgia Association for Gifted Children (GAGC) Conference, 2017

“Encouraging Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose: The R.A.C.E. Program and AP Capstone at Chestatee High School”: Presented alongside administration to share the benefits of a capstone program when working with gifted high school students. Engaged in dialogue with multiple stakeholders of schools across the state of Georgia.

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